It may surprise some people that Bamboo and Pampas grass are becoming locally invasive in many parts of the country. While many outbreaks of Bamboo and Pampas grass can be linked to either gardens or garden debris, other outbreaks are growing in 'wild' areas and cannot easily be directly linked to gardens.

These outbreaks may be relatively small or may cover hundreds or even thousands of square metres.

Control is not always straightforward, but can be achieved under through using herbicides – application techniques and choice of chemicals are vital in order to be able to achieve a satisfactory result.

There are also specific root barriers for both Bamboo and Pampas grass, which can be used to confine a newly planted clump or to prevent its further spread.

All methods must be individually priced. Control measures for smaller infestations may be discussed on the telephone but site visits are normally arranged and more detailed quotations offered.

Bamboo growing in a hedge line.

Site visits are normally not charged but, due to the expertise of this company, full technical reporting in some instances, may require an agreed charge with the client before that visit.

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