Giant knotweed

Giant knotweed (Fallopia sachalinensis) is not a common weed in the United Kingdom. However it may cause local problems and treatments tend to be similar (but not identical) to Japanese knotweed. Giant knotweed has a similar biology to Japanese knotweed, but grows much taller (4-5m)

Surveyor in Giant knotweed stand.

Giant knotweed will hybridise with Japanese knotweed to produce the hybrid known as Fallopia X bohemica, this hybrid is more widely distributed than Giant knotweed, and is often found growing with Japanese knotweed.

All methods must be individually priced. Control measures for smaller infestations of knotweed may be discussed on the telephone but site visits are normally arranged and more detailed quotations offered.

Site visits are normally not charged but, due to the expertise of this company, full technical reporting in some instances, may require an agreed charge with the client before that visit.

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Fallopia x bohemica - a stand of the hybrid in spring