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Japanese knotweed – does it cause property damage? Friday 20th July 2018

For an invasive weed, Japanese knotweed is very good at getting media attention. This year there has been a lot of media attention and in fairness a lot to discuss.

The current media hype is basically saying that Japanese knotweed is no more harmful than many other weeds. However Japanese knotweed can be far more harmful than your average weed. For example you can’t afford to ignore knotweed as it will rapidly spread and overwhelm any area of land. If you fail to control the knotweed, it can and frequently does destroy walls, hard surfaces and gardens. Japanese knotweed has no limit to how large an area of land one plant can cover, infestations of 1 Ha+ are known to exist.

The most alarming feature however comes when doing building works, if you fail to identify the presence of Japanese knotweed or incompetently remediate it, you can get some serious issues arising. Please see our Photograph Gallery for examples of this or our Facebook page.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Williams v. Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd. Tuesday 3rd July 2018

In a landmark ruling, the Court of Appeal has today decided that the presence of encroaching Japanese knotweed rhizomes (across the boundary) would in the opinion of the court be sufficient to prove that an interference with the owner’s right to peaceful enjoyment of their property had occurred and damages might be claimable. This does not enable homeowners to claim for loss of value of their property, however it does enable damages to be claimed. This case came about as Network Rail failed to treat their knotweed over many years (perhaps decades), and so caused a major impact upon their neighbours.

This judgement will in our view change many people’s and organisations views on the importance of properly dealing with their Japanese knotweed problem. Whether you are a landlord, a home owner, a company or other organisation, you will need to address your knotweed problem. Allowing knotweed to spread onto neighbouring land is no longer an option, as you may be held accountable for your neglect in a court of law.

While we cannot time travel and prevent you getting Japanese knotweed in the first place, we can start an effective and professional eradication strategy quickly and in so doing reduce the risk that a legal claim can be made or minimise the damage. If Network Rail had taken effective action, when their neighbours first complained to them, this case may have had a different result.

We can offer professional surveys, proper eradication programmes (with costs spread over the eradication period), long term monitoring and insurance products (if needed). Our staff are qualified, trained, experienced and professional. We use discreet vehicles (no sign writing – would you want to advertise the fact that you have Japanese knotweed?).

Our eradication programmes are cost effective and effective. We do not offer unsubstantiated herbicide programmes, and we also provide expert monitoring during the guarantee period. We are professionals and proud to lead our industry.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Award winning The Knotweed Company - Project of the Year 2018. Tuesday 3rd July 2018

The Knotweed Company won a prestigious honour at the annual Property Care Association awards ceremony a couple of weeks ago. We overcame a record number of entries to secure the Project of the Year title.

The winning project was for an old mine-working site in Camborne, Cornwall, that had been green-lit for development, but had laid empty for over 20 years due to significant contamination issues. Among the problems presented to developers was a massive Japanese knotweed infestation that had been worsened due to substantial soil movement and soil importation over the years.

We proposed a revolutionary approach to remediate the site by a combined use of consolidation, installation of root barriers and extensive monitoring and treatment. We approached the Environment Agency with our Knotweed Management Plan and received their approval. As a result of our proposal, our client was able to make substantial financial savings and a once untenable site became financially viable for development.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Japanese knotweed – secrets from the past Friday 22nd June 2018

The good thing about having been a professional Japanese knotweed eradicator for over ten years, is that you never stop learning. When I started working (exclusively) with knotweed in 2004, little was known about the long term eradication of knotweed. Jim Glaister and I started working together in 2004 and between us we tried and tested many methods of eradication and critically reviewed what we were doing and how we could improve our methods. This is still an ongoing process!

Occasionally, we were perplexed as to how competitors were able to offer ‘Guaranteed eradication in 12 months’. One company (who I will refer to as ABC) made a huge splash about how they were the experts that could work this miracle and offer a five year guarantee. No reputable person in the industry could understand this, as they seemed to be able to make it work. However the world of Japanese knotweed is a small one and eventually you meet someone that will (after a beer or two) talk.

ABC was apparently using high doses of a residual herbicide (now no longer available), in the first year – we all knew this and also knew it wouldn’t eradicate the knotweed, merely suppress it. What they were then doing (I have been told) was entering sites (including construction sites, etc.) when no-one was on site and re-treating the areas in subsequent years, so that no re-growth would occur. This breached Health and Safety, could be defined as trespass and possibly even as fraud. Needless to say some clients found out and fired this company. Re-growth of the knotweed would have occurred on most sites by now as residual herbicide will only suppress the knotweed for a few years.

ABC is no longer trading but the phoenix descendent is still out there…

With staff covering all of England & Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems, contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060 or email us on or

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