Japanese knotweed – when does the season for effective treatment come to an end?

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Japanese knotweed may only effectively be treated with an herbicide, when there is green growth still showing above ground. This may include leaves, but effective treatment can still be made to green stems. However, frost and cold nights will encourage the plant to die back for the winter and so the end of the season for effective treatment will depend on where you live. Typically speaking the high peaks in Derbyshire will be amongst the first places to senesce and urban heat islands the last. We would say that a typical season finishes between the middle of October to the end of November depending on location, but seasons vary! I have known seasons to end by mid-October or to persist up to Christmas.

This season appears to be milder than usual but a sharp frost could change matters very quickly and of course there can be lost days or weeks if heavy rain or strong winds occur. Therefore we aim to complete all our scheduled autumn works by the end of October. This involves a lot of work by all our staff and even office types like myself and Jim are out with our knapsack sprayers treating Japanese knotweed in September and October.

If you haven’t placed an order yet for your Japanese knotweed, than don’t panic - we are working up and down the country at the moment, and have availability for surveys and treatments throughout England and Wales. Just call us or email us and discuss your knotweed problem – we have a well trained and experienced team who can tackle any knotweed problem.

The time to start treating your Japanese knotweed is now, so call the professionals.

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