Blood will out!

Friday 24th August 2018

I am not the most patient of men, and get irritated fairly quickly by rudeness, slackness or by incompetence. Equally however I praise and appreciate the competent and polite people and always try to be professional in my dealings with other people.

There are many excellent Japanese knotweed companies out there and I hope that I’m never too proud to learn something new. I'm always interested to learn from others and also am prepared to offer help when asked.

I did get very annoyed earlier today and found it truly outrageous when a supposedly ‘leading company for Japanese knotweed’ produce a poor report for a customer. To begin with, several pages of the (short) report are only there to say how good they are and what a wonderful job they will be doing – what a pity then that these pages of self-important standardized puff contain a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes!

As for the report itself, a vague green blob supposedly marks the Japanese knotweed location and is almost in the correct location – it tries but alas misses by a metre or two… a fairly crucial thing to get right in a Japanese knotweed survey you would think?

Finally their surveyor produces some vague waffle about RICS categories and (amazingly) gets the category right, but for the wrong reasons…there was however no detail about the previous treatments or indeed about the ongoing programme – nothing at all.

A poor attempt at a report – I would grade it as an E- – needs completely re-writing.

If you find my rantings about written style and accuracy interesting, it is because I am the son of a primary school teacher and a research scientist – it was drummed into me from an early age that writing is an important and accurate means of communication. We try to offer well written reports, which are accurate, concise and fit for purpose. We’ve never had any issues with mortgage companies or surveyors about our reports (and indeed have received many compliments from solicitors, mortgage companies, surveyors and our clients).

We don’t brag about how good we are – we’d rather let our customers decide for themselves.

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

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